Help us find this thief!


What we need, in order to take successful legal actions: Finding out Mr. Philippe Storms official place of living. Otherwise it’s impossible for us to file a lawsuit.

We hired a private detective who managed to find out where he occasionally appeared, but before being able to collect more information he disappeared again. Therefore we are making this public call and hope to receive some assistance.
We know that a large number of other people have got cheated by him. He will continue doing so, as long as he is able to hide and come up with new identities.

His most successful strategy is to create fake-companies resp. letterbox-companies with misleading names.

Following "projects" are known to us, where he used to run away with collected money:
OSA Technologies, Beekeepers Ltd., Morgan Stanley, Gstaad chalets Switzerland, African Investment Fund, EasyNation (Moldavian Facebook), World Student Travel Service, MTG Capital, Globitex Cryptoexchange, Microcredit fund.

From what we found out, he´s Danish origin born in Virum. However occasionally, he claims to be of Swiss origin. He partially grew up in Iran, but more details are hard to find. He speaks English, French, Swedish, Danish and pretends to have a number of university degrees. But most likely these are fakes.

He pretends to have no driving licence. However we assume he has and this is just part of his hiding strategy (showing a driving licence could disclose his place of living/registered address).