Help us find this thief!

Be warned!

Mr. Philippe Storm is a cheater and superb faker, well-trained in various methods how to grab your money. He almost ruined me, my family and a few friends.

He pretends to come from a rich family, being a succesfull fund manager or crypto-currency-expert. Don´t be fooled - in reality he makes his living by stealing your money!

P. Storms activities

One of Mr. Philippe Storms strategies is to create fake-companies resp. letterbox-companies with misleading names.

Check "more details" to see the various companies he had been using.

Help us!

If you have any hint where to find this person, or if you got cheated yourself - please get in touch with us. 

Don´t let such crooks get away unpunished!

We are preparing to file a lawsuit against him. In order to take legal steps, we need to find out his registered address.